The owners of The Auto Details, LLC have 30+ years of professional detailing experience. Our team of detailing experts are IDA (International Detailers Association) Certified. We have trained and certified some of the region’s top detailing professionals at our Johnston, Rhode Island based studio. This studio is adjacent to our 20,000 square foot manufacturing and production facility. This same production facility was once the size of your standard bedroom closet, but then we took a chance and decided to fill a void that we felt was needed within the industry, production of high quality cleaning products!

Our team switched gears from hands-on detailing to manufacturing and distributing wholesale cleaning products. We started with small independent detailing shops and worked our way up to well over 1000 of New England’s largest automobile dealerships. Our full line of over 100 wholesale cleaning products are all proudly “Made in the USA”. We decided to not stop there!

In early 2020 we took another leap of faith and tested our first product that would be available to retail consumers. We didn’t rush the process and figured the best way to test this product was to put it in the hands of the same professional detailers we sell our other products to. The response was nothing short of incredible! That test product, known as “Formula X” after several small “tweaks” is now called “Formula H3”.

Formula H3 was torture tested against the 12 leading ceramic spray coatings and beat our competition by a mile! In less than 6 months we introduced this product on Amazon, and 6 months after that we were recognized as “Amazon’s Choice” in the spray wax category. We can proudly say 30+ years of detailing excellence goes into every bottle.